Jon's Pastor's Letter  December 2017 

“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”
which means, “God with us”                 Matt 1:23
Dear Friends
I love the Christmas season and everything that goes with it.  I realise that much of what we associate with Christmas has little to do with Christ, but is meant to brighten up an otherwise dark, cold season (perhaps with the merest hint of commercialism!).
For Christians, however, this season is a powerful reminder of God’s power and love, and of his purposes of redemption, fulfilled in Christ our Saviour.  But what difference does “God with us” make for you and I today?  As I look at the life of Liberty Church in recent days I can answer that question with great gratitude and hope.  I see people exploring faith in Christ through Alpha, people coming to faith and people being baptised.  I see a powerful sense of loving, supportive community growing through our Life Groups.  I see ministries that are bringing hope and life to people, rescuing from debt, poverty, hopelessness and brokenness.  I see men and women with a hunger for God, and a desire to share faith with others.  I see a fresh call to holiness and devotion.  I see tangible signs of God’s presence when we meet together in worship.  I see God opening the doors for us to move in and establish a new home in Liberty Centre. 
As we move into Christmas and then into 2018 I can say with confidence that God is with us.  He is still Immanuel.  He is still bringing joy and peace and hope.  He is our God, our Saviour, our Lord and he invites us to follow him and to see his Kingdom come in our lives, our families and our community.  May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas knowing that the God of heaven and earth is with you and for you.
Peace, Joy and Hope


Jon Farrimond, 12/12/2017

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