Foundation Totai

Foundation Totai is a Scottish charity which supports the work of Fundación Totaí, a non-governmental organisation based in Trinidad-Beni, Bolivia.  Fundación Totaí provides free or low-cost services in healthcare, sports and education as a proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

FT’s health staff provide a range of essential services to the community, including general medicine, ENT, audiology, dentistry, nursing and paediatrics.

With hot, dry weather prevailing in Trinidad for most of the year, sporting pastimes are popular among Trinidad’s youth. Since its establishment, FT has sought to share the Good News of Jesus Christ via one of the world’s truly universal languages. A dedicated staff provide training in basketball and football, as well as conducting R.E. lessons in local schools, with an added dose of physical activity.

Access to high-quality educational services in Trinidad is limited and FT endeavours to address these needs in the local community. On weekday afternoons, FT provides an educational support class to children in the immediate neighbourhood and in a neighbouring village, where participants learn both Bible stories and basic English. Two mother-and-toddler groups started in 2014 to reach out to young families in both these neighbourhoods.