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One Life
 Latest Teaching 
Live Like Jesus: Live Secretly (Jon Farrimond)
Live Like Jesus: Love Your Enemies (Jon Farrimond)
The Family Of God (Stan Lyth)
Walk Tall (Jon Farrimond)
Call To Order (George Alexander)
Setting The Course For 2017 — Life-Changing Relationships (Jon Farrimond)
The Lord Is With You (Jon Farrimond)
Tuesday 21 February
9:30amJob Club Preparation @ Dickson House Centre
Tuesday 21 February
7:00pmAlpha @ The Vine Conference Centre
Tuesday 21 February
7:30pmMen's Games Nights @ Gregor's barn
Friday 24 February
7:30pmMade to be Cherished @ Queen Anne HS, Learning Hub
Sunday 26 February
11:00amChurch Together @ Queen Anne High School
Sunday 26 February
6:30pmLife Group Leaders Meeting @ Liberty Centre
Jon Farrimond
Jon Farrimond
Jon Farrimond