Letter from Jon, September 2021 

 Dear Liberty Family
This is a rather late Pastor’s letter for September, due to our home being struck by covid in recent weeks.  Both Fiona and I contracted the virus, and although we are both well past our safe self-isolation period, and are non-infectious, it has taken me longer to regain strength and focus than I expected, and longer to shake this persistent and annoying cough!  For us, it has been a reminder (as if we needed a reminder!) of how awful this virus is and has been.  Even in saying this I am aware that our symptoms have been incredibly mild compared to many others.
One of the frustrating things about this virus is its disruption to life and planning, as we have all experienced over the last 18 months.  Events and diary dates are planned, and then rescheduled or cancelled.  We had planned to start our new intergenerational ‘Gathering with God’ meetings this month, but due to rising covid numbers we thought it wise to postpone until a later date.  Although this is very frustrating, there is no doubt that we are moving forward.  It is exciting to see our growing (and growing younger!) worship team leading us on Sunday mornings, to see new people connecting with us, to look forward to Gathering with God when it starts, to see Liberty Centre increasingly occupied with organisations which align with our vision, and indeed to have a clear vision for the future of Liberty Church.
The next season will undoubtedly have its challenges, and I am sure that we will still have to hold our plans lightly, but in the midst of continued uncertainty we can be sure that our God is with us through the power of his Holy Spirit and his kingdom is advancing.  Let our prayer continue to be ‘your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’
Every blessing

Jon Farrimond, 20/09/2021