TLG-headerTranforming Lives for Good

Transforming Lives for Good (TLG ) is a national charity, founded in Bradford in 1998.  It exists to bring hope and a future to struggling children.  Every day there are children facing difficult circumstances in their lives through bereavement, family breakdown, poverty or being in the care system.  For these children school can be a challenging environment leading to further upset and disengagement.  TLG partners with local churches who in turn partner with local schools to support vulnerable children and their families.

Liberty Church is participating in the Early Intervention programme supporting primary school children through a simple mentoring / coaching model.  A volunteer coach, once trained and resourced by TLG, works with one child for one hour every week throughout the school year.  Coaching support consists of shared fun activities which allow for listening and talking opportunities and the building of a trusted relationship.  Emotional literacy skills and strategies are developed to help a child to cope better with life in school and at home.

Successful coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of skill sets.  Education experience is not required.  For further information and to read some inspiring success stories, visit the TLG website or contact Liberty Church’s TLG Coordinator, Pat Graham