Jon's Letters

Every month Jon, our Pastor, writes a letter to the congregation. 
Letter from Jon, March 2019 
The power of thankfulness. More ...
Jon Farrimond
Letter from Jon, February 2019 
Follow the way of love and eagerly desire the spiritual gifts. More ...
 Letter from Jon, January 2019
Happy New Year - a landmark year for Liberty Church! More ...
Letter from Jon, December 2018 
I believe! More ...
Letter from Jon, November 2018 
Letter from Jon, October 2018 
Letter from Jon, September 2018 
Letter from Jon, August 2018 
Letter from Jon, July 2018 
Letter from Jon, June 2018 
Letter from Jon, May 18 
Jon's Pastor's Letter, April 2018 
Letter from Jon, March 2018
Letter from Jon, February 2018 
Letter from Jon, January 2018 
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Letter from Jon, September 2017 
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