Bethany Christian Trust

BethanyBethany Christian Trust is a Scottish charity seeking to relieve the suffering and meet the long-term needs of homeless and vulnerable people.  Bethany was started in Leith by Rev Alan Berry in 1983, and has grown into an award-winning organisation that helps over 7,000 people each year. The intention is to work with individuals and local communities both to combat homelessness in Scotland and to tackle the issues that lead people to become homeless.

Bethany's activities and services support families, young people, rough-sleepers and people recovering from addiction in a variety of ways, including drop-in centres, addiction support, housing advice, emergency accommodation, supported housing, education and community reintegration projects.  These services are focused on transforming lives, putting love into action and faith into practice.  The vision is for homelessness to be reduced and for vulnerable people to be empowered to live independently in society, through Christian love in action.