Who is Jesus? 

We believe that this is the most important question that anyone can ever ask, and that our answer to this question affects everything about us; our identity, our purpose, our destiny.

The Christian faith is centred on Jesus Christ; a real person who lived and died over 2000 years ago.  Christians believe that Jesus was a man, but more than a man. He was God himself, born as a baby, lived a perfect life and died a cruel death on a Roman cross.  He was buried in a tomb but three days later rose again, appearing to his followers before ascending to heaven.

Why did he come to earth?

He came to this earth because of sin; a small word with a devastating effect.  God created us to know him, trust him and obey him, but right from the beginning, we decided to go our own way and do our own thing.  We rebelled against God and this is called sin.  It affects every single one of us and it cuts us off from God and from the life that God intended.  The Bible tells us that sin leads to death and, no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot put things right.  This is bad news.

The Good News is that Jesus came to take our place and pay the price for our sin.  He died on a cross so that we could live.  He paid for all our sin and all our mess.  Only he could do this because he is the only person who never sinned.  Not only did he die but he rose again.  He defeated death and broke the power of sin over our lives.

We believe he is alive and invites every one of us to believe in him, to follow him, to know him, to trust him.  When we accept that invitation our sin is forgiven and our relationship with God, broken by sin, is restored forever.

Who is Jesus?

He is God and he is our Saviour and he invites us to follow him today.